This is CrimsonEMS

Harvard’s student-run volunteer Emergency Medical Service. Our mission is to promote a safer, healthier, and more medically aware community through volunteer service and education initiatives.

About Us

Applications for the spring 2018 EMT course are open! Please complete this application by 23:59, November 24th, 2017 to apply to the CrimsonEMS spring 2018 EMT course. If you are already certified as an EMT, see here to apply.

As a service line of Harvard University Health Services, CrimsonEMS facilitates a fully subsidized EMT training course every spring, which runs concurrently with academic classes and is taught by our partners at Pro EMS.

After becoming fully licensed EMTs, CrimsonEMS providers serve the campus community by staffing a wide variety of events on campus, such as sporting, social, and special events. You can see us at IM, Club, and Varsity athletic competitions, parties and social functions, and large events such as the Harvard-Yale football game, Yardfest, and Commencement. Licensed EMTs in CrimsonEMS are expected to serve as part of our Crew for at least two semesters following their completion of the course, and an overwhelming majority of our EMTs serve until their graduation from Harvard. CrimsonEMS EMTs also have the opportunity to ride along with the ambulance crews of Pro EMS, Cambridge’s primary transporting 911 agency.

In addition to training, service, and ride-alongs, CrimsonEMS is also committed to making Harvard a HeartSafe campus through CPR training initiatives for Harvard affiliates. If you would like to organize a CPR training for your group from our AHA-certified instruction staff, please email

CrimsonEMS also accepts previously certified EMTs, and we help with the transfer of out-of-state licenses. Please fill out this form or email us if you are interested in joining our crew.

We look forward to answering any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact us at any time at