CPR Training

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CPR can save lives

High quality CPR can double—or even triple—a victim’s chance of surviving an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, but most people feel helpless in the face of a cardiac emergency. As part of our mission to keep the Harvard community safe, CrimsonEMS maintains a staff of AHA-certified instructors and regularly offers highly subsidized CPR courses. In addition, we teach bystanders how to recognize a victim of cardiac arrest and do high-quality chest compression. Find us teaching hands-only CPR at study breaks, in dining halls, or around Harvard Square.

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If you are interested in organizing a CPR/AED or CPR/AED/First Aid course for your group or organization, or have any questions about our community education programs, please contact outreach@crimsonems.org. In addition to certification courses, we offer informal Hands-Only CPR classes, and we’d love to help make your group more prepared for cardiac emergencies.